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court proceedings

interests in all types of courts and jurisdictions. Being qualified to provide defence throughout France, in particular, we ensure representation in the High Court and Court of Commerce in Paris and the criminal courts. We are also qualified for representation and defence in all types of arbitration proceedings (CCI, CMAP, CAIP, etc.) and court proceedings (revocation or invalidity of trademarks, contractual liability and tort,

a claims for payment, affirmative and negative covenants, enforcement of judgements given by other European courts, etc.). The firm also ensures the defence of its clients at Spanish judicial and administrative institutions (National Court, Supreme Court, provincial courts, district courts, criminal and magistrates courts, contentious-administrative courts, AEPD, commercial registers, etc.).

If you have been notified of a lawsuit in France (assignation by huissier de justice) and been asked to appear before a court in France, please contact us indicating the date of notification of the lawsuit (assignation) and we will send you a no-obligation quote as soon as possible.

intellectual property and network

Management of trademarks and patents (opposition to a trademark at the INPI in France, the OEPD in Spain or the WIPIO based in Alicante (Spain)), for national, European or international brands, revocation of trademarks, management and transfer of personal data and trade secrets, computer correspondent and liberties in France, transfer of artwork assets, taxation of transactions, artistic inheritance, sales, auctions, rights management contracts.