Since 1996 we have been providing legal assistance to businesses and legal defence in all types of courts in France and Spain.

We operate in the following areas

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Legal defence and representation in all types of courts in France and Spain. Drafting, negotiation and judicial or arbitral execution of all types of contracts. Claims for payment, contractual liability or tort and economic offences.

Corporate, business and commercial law

incorporation and winding-up of companies, subsidiaries or branches

Intellectual property

trademarks, designs, patents and protection or transfer of technology and know-how

Miguel garre

Miguel Garre is founder of the firm. Spanish lawyer and French lawyer, he has trained in both France and Spain. Registered in the Bar Associations of Granada, Malaga and Paris, he is qualified to provide legal defence in any judicial or administrative court in the two countries.

Having accumulated experience in the legal departments of industrial groups engaged in mining and energy engineering and international trade, such as the American company, Chemicals.

the profession of lawyer

The profession of lawyer/avocat in France and Spain is governed by the principles of Independence, freedom of defence, integrity, professional secrecy, confidentiality and loyalty.

Pictogramme de séparation

In France, lawyers are Officers of the Courts responsible for representing the parties in a process and for litigating, defending and pleading for their rights inside and outside court. They also play the role of legal advisor and draft legally valid documents. It is a regulated profession with restricted access, regulated by Act nº 71-1130 of 31 December 1971 and Decree nº 91-1197 of 27 November 1991 on the Organization of the Profession of Lawyer.

In Spain, lawyers must be registered in a Spanish Bar Association while practising in order to defend clients in all types of administrative or judicial courts and authorities in Spain and, under certain conditions, before the authorities throughout Europe. In the event of conflict between ethical standards (for example, those of the Bar Associations of Paris and Barcelona), the lawyer will be bound by the most restrictive standards of the Bar Association in which he or she is registered.


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